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Benjamin’s Catering is proud to be Central PA’s only Zero Waste Caterer!
Zero Waste Catering

We offer a variety of renewable products no matter how formal or casual the event. Products are made from either natural resources like corn and sugarcane or recycled materials

A Special thanks to Centre County Solid Waste Authority and Patton Township for supporting our green efforts!

Benjamin’s Catering is proud to provide zero waste catering. This means that all of our non-food items are reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

In addition, all of our disposable products are made from renewable resources like sugar cane and cornstarch.

We happily provide free composting services for all events. These products & services are included in our menu prices. In all aspects of our preparation and service, 100% of our product are made from renewable resources and are reusable, recyclable or compostable.

Zero Waste Catering can be achieved at every level of formality from boxed lunches to elegant wedding receptions.

Benjamin’s Catering is honored to have received our fourth award for outstanding commitment to recycling, waste reduction and reuse in the state of Pennsylvania.

We’d like to thank:

The Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania
The Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association

We are truly grateful for the guidance set by your example! Their recognition of our efforts is a wonderful achievement which we share with our valued clients. Congratulation on your participations in Zero Waste Catering!